Useful Tips

  • The best possible way to prolong the life of your garments is to either gently hand wash them (if they are washable) or to have them professionally dry cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Do not attempt to remove stains by simply putting a garment in water and rubbing them, particularly if the garment isn’t washable.
  • Never use water on an oil-based stain, even in an emergency.
  • Fresh stains are easier to remove than old ones. Make sure you point out any marks or stains to us when you drop your garments off.
  • Keep clothes away from light if they are not being worn. Ultraviolet light deteriorates fabric over time.
  • Don’t let worn clothes sit unwashed. Even invisible stains, such as perspiration, will show up eventually. If you don’t allow the stain to set it won’t leave any trace.

Advice on Stains

Alcohol – Sponge with warm water, then wash with a biological detergent.
Ballpoint & Felt-tip Pens – Sponge with a little metheylated spirit before washing.
Candle Wax – Lift off any surface wax. Sandwich the affected area with blotting paper and iron over the paper to remove the remaining wax. Keep moving the paper so there are always clean sections of blotting paper to absorb the wax.
Chocolate – Scrape off as much as possible. Sponge with warm soapy water, rinse and then wash with a biological detergent.
Perspiration – Wash the stain with weak solution of ammonia, then rinse.
Red wine – Mop up any excess, then cover stain with water. Sponge the area with warm detergent solution, rinse with cold water and then wash normally.

Care Labels

No Tumble Dry
Do not tumble dry
Tumble Dry Low
Tumble drying possible. Drying at lower temperature setting.
Tumble Dry Normal
Tumble drying is possible. Normal drying cycle.
Drip Dry
Drip dry
Dry Flat
Dry flat